Wool Throw (Red/Grey)
Wool Throw (Red/Grey)
Wool Throw (Red/Grey)

Wool Throw (Red/Grey)


A percentage of proceeds from this blanket goes to Protect Our Winters, a non-profit environmental organization bringing awareness to fight climate change. 

"The outdoor community has a disproportionate influence because of its profile, newsworthiness, economic influence and the passion of the participants, athletes and businesses involved. We are uniquely suited to drive a broad movement in support of climate action and our success stems from our ability to effectively mobilize the outdoor community through socially-relevant communications, led by the influencers in our sports. Outdoor sports is a way for the public to understand the consequences of climate change, and what we stand to gain by stopping it, or lose by failing to.

POW’s work is uniquely influential and important because climate activism has been missing a strong social movement, like what helped pass civil rights legislation, labor protections, women’s voting rights, or most recently, marriage equality. POW is one of only a few groups focused on building this social movement. POW works creatively and opportunistically and focuses on three main areas: youth education, advocacy and community-based activism." 


The cuisine of The Way Back highlights the best ingredients and produce Colorado and the United States have to offer.  Proudly partnering with local farmers, foragers, and purveyors, we create a constantly changing menu focused around seasonal availability, responsible husbandry, and organic, perennial agriculture.  We also strive to feature a variety of preservation techniques that were commonplace generations ago.


- Dimensions: 60" x 72" 

- 100% wool

- Whipstitch binding

- Made in Johnson, Vermont

* Preorder Delivery by January 10, 2017 *